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The evening's growing old and Bruce is on his way to the roof after a late dinner that was heavier on mushrooms than it seemed it should have been. He lingered over coffee and his evening paper, and now it's time for the night's work to begin in earnest.

When he starts hiccuping, the sound noisy and undignified in the confines of the elevator. When the doors open on the top floor, he grimaces and presses the button for his floor instead. It's a short ride, but by the time he's arrived at his room, there's an uneasy and unsettled feeling in his stomach. He pauses, settling himself on the edge of the bed to see if it will pass, but when the light in the ceiling of his room begins to pulse and dance though his head remains perfectly still, he begins to suspect that it's something far more than just an upset stomach.

Before long, he gives up even trying to understand and lets the light wash over him, the edges of his vision blurry with indistinct shapes and colors all muddled together. Even the bats dancing in the corners of the room seem more amusing than threatening, especially when the lights of the city visible outside the window start swirling around them and he lies back, unaware of anything much for a long time.

It's only when he wakens, thirsty and hungry and out-of-sorts, that he recognizes it for what it was, and that raises more questions than answers.


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